Securing Your Home Locks

home securityCrime is always a concern, especially in quiet suburban America. That’s where criminals most like to strike. The neighbors are often not paying attention to assume something is wrong, and the houses generally have some decent saleable items without being terribly secure. Homeowners are generally not that worried about crime, thinking “it won’t happen to me” until it’s too late.

The most awful part about the entire scenario is how easy it is to fend off the average burglar. Unless they have a very specific reason to be targeting you, burglars would far sooner move on to easier prey than deal with even a single annoying obstacle in their path. There are always plenty of poorly-defended homes down the road. Much like the old joke about running from a tiger — you don’t have to run faster than the tiger, you just have to run faster than the slowest person that’s running from the tiger.

The Role of the Locksmith

That makes the locksmiths in suburban areas, as this Winter Garden Locksmith, a great ally to have in the fight against crime. Modern locksmiths aren’t just people who can get your keys out of your car, after all, they’re virtually experts in building security. They can assess the various portals into your home, find which ones have locks that are easy to pick (or break), and which ones are vulnerable in other ways.

New Homes

When a company is building a new home, the security details are almost entirely afterthoughts, and they’re scatter-brained. One contractor will put in outdoor lighting, another will (possibly) put in an alarm system, and a third — generally a carpenter — will put in some low-grade locks on the doors. Security essentials like floor safes, reinforced doors, and deadbolts deep enough that they can’t be simply kicked out of the wall, well, those are the new homeowner’s concern. That’s why every time you buy a new home, you should immediately call in a locksmith to check on the quality of your home’s defenses.